10 Must Try Food In Melaka | New 2019 Rankings

We've been to Melaka more than 10 times so we're doing this sharing based on our experience. Also, we wanted to rate the places for families.

Blue is for family friendly place. Red means dining there has a bit more challenge.

#1 Restaurant Aunty Fatso

Yes we rate aunty fatso highest!! We've been to Melaka more than 10 times in the last 6years so it is not a wild vote.

Absolutely stunning chinese food from Prawn cheese beehoon!

The fried squid is to die for also. Crabs we haven't tried partly because its pricey at >RM100 per kg and we can get cheaper crabs in portuguese settlement (#7).

Prepare for monstrous queue once past 6.30pm. SO do come early.

People are waiting outside already.

Parking is available. For aircon seating, you'd need to make reservations so do check our detailed blog post for it below.


#2 Nancy's Kitchen

This is a legend! I think even 15years ago, Lonely Planet already had them featured.

Nancy's kitchen is in my memory the only restaurant with a kids changing area. We used to plan a "pit stop" for diaper change last time there.

The restaurant is packed and there's no space for kids to run but is air-conditioned.

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#3 Restoran Lois Bakuteh

Restoran Lois Bakuteh has moved to new location but claypot beef bakuteh remains lovely!

Note: If you don't eat beef then move on the list.

Prices are also very affordable at less than RM40 for the 3 of us.

Location is outside of town area though which means you need a car ride.

# Warning, their beek bakuteh may be peppery. But if you like spicy, you are in for a treat!!

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#4 Restoran Hakka Zhan

Authentic Hakka food! I guess the old folks would like this place.

One of the least crowded of our top 10 places to eat in Melaka but definitely deserving of a place.

Specialties include Claypot Lamp soup and Wine chicken!

We also ordered Suan Pan Zi (Hakka Abacus Seeds). Last plate there is Yong You Fu.

Total expenditure was <RM60 for the 3 of us.

And since it was near Pak Putra (#6), we even went there to da bao something back for supper haha.

#5 Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodles

This place is a gem!

Not many bloggers cover them and it's almost always locals.

Prices are super cheap and if you don't mind the tight seating space, we absolutely recommend.

Food very suitable for children but parking can be a challenge.

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#6 Restoran Pak Putra

Pak Putra is by the street. Hence, it is pretty hot and has mosquitoes.

The Indian/Pakistani Food may be spicy and strong in flavour so not many young children may like.

BUT if you are ok with street food and like deep flavoured stuff (like we do) then Pak Putra is a superb place for anyone looking for dinner and supper!

Their tandoori chicken, paneer and naan is to die for!

It's pretty near Jonker Street and if you stay at Casa Del Rio Hotel, it's walking distance.

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#7 Portuguese Settlement 

The touting issue is severe and if you want to eat here, you must get used to it.

There is parking for RM2.

Mostly selling seafood like burnt crab and baked (chilli) fish and it is largely spicy. We usually order omelette for our kid. There is chicken wings for adults who don't eat spice.

This place is fully outdoor which may have mosquitoes and problematic if it rains.

This place has space for kids to run and there is a stall that also sell bubbles, lanterns and toys which is very old-school.

We even fly "good-luck lanterns" (taiwan style) and it was memorable.

Also, try the mango juice there! RM3 only and it is the green sour mango kind...

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#8 Restoran Tong Sheng

We've eaten here at least twice.

Must to come by 6pm if not it will be extremely crowded.

The Prawn cheese beehoon is great but if you've tried Restaurant Aunty Fatso already, it's ok to skip this place.

If you stay in Hatten hotel or Rosa Hotel or Novotel, then this restaurant is conveniently walking distance in melaka raya.

#9 Ho Kee Chicken Rice

Queue in Cheung Wah is always very long.

Hence I'd recommend going to Ho Kee Chicken Rice instead. The food quality is almost the same standard.

In addition, it is often the faster queue.

This place also serves soup in addition to their Chicken rice (with rice balls)

#10 Low Yong Moh Restaurant

Is this the best breakfast place in Melaka?

Unfortunately most hotels provide breakfast.

Low Yong Moh is a tradition cafe. The seating space is tight space but food moves fast. Food is of course very kid friendly.

Love their coffee/tea too.

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Let us know who else you think is in the top 10, we're committed to adding new must go dining places to this list for everyone!