Woof Station Cafe | New RM30 price!

I love dogs, and if I could, I would spend all my days surrounded by dogs all day everyday.

The dog cafes locally are few (actually I’m not so sure even if there are still any now) and not to mention expensive, so other that the one time that Hubby brought me when we were dating (>10 years ago), I’ve not seen one, much less been in one, since.

Imagine my surprise when we chanced upon a dog café in Melaka! Woof Station Cafe is conveniently located next to the restaurants Aunty Fatso and Kuay Tiaw Zabb that we spoke about previously. Parking is plentiful nearby.

I was really keen to go, but had two considerations. The price. And a question most parents base their decision making on: WWTD – what will the toddler do

The moment we stepped into the café, we were greeted immediately by two huge Alaskan malamutes. And immediately my decision was made for me. They were gorgeous!

And mummy’s darn proud that her kiddo managed to hold his own with the dogs. He showed no fear even though he kept being chased and licked by them.

According to the owner, malamutes love children. They were also surprisingly well behaved for such a notorious breed. There was also a handsome Samoyed and an Old English Sheepdog.

To enter Woof Station cafe, you have to order drinks and there is coffee and smoothies. Today it is RM30 but previously 2 years back it was RM15-20 range. Kids can order juice or milk.

Close up on the dogs

Brown one is newly adopted puppy and the big older malamute is trying to exert dominance.

Owner seems to operate the shop with his wife and they both seem to love the dogs.

Place was not too crowded.

What’s even more amazing is that they managed to train ALL the dogs to sit long enough to take photos with the customers .